Prayer and Worship

Blueprint: God’s Design for the Church

Prayer and Worship

I Timothy 2:1-15

  1. Men & Women of Prayer (2:1-7)
    • Everyone: Pray for all especially authorities, pursue a peaceful & quiet life.
  2. Men in Worship (2:8)
    • Men: Avoid divisiveness, pursue holiness & prayer.
  3. Women in Worship (2:9-15)
    • Women: Avoid distraction, pursue modesty & good works.

Walnut Creek’s Gospelicious Playlist

As we end the season of Advent and look to the new year, hear about how Walnut Creek’s existence grows Gahanna, Columbus, and Ohio.  Listen tot the playlist:

  • How the Gospel leads our heart
  • Changes us from inside out
  • Cheer up, you are worse than you think
  • And many more…