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The Message of Amos: The Lion Roars

Listen to the message of Amos, where the Lion Roars against sinful Nations (Amos 1-2);  Hear how the Lion Roars against God’s People (Amos 3-9:10). Learn that the Lion Promises Restoration (Amos 9:11-15)


The Message of Joel: Who Will God Save?

Listen to Pastor Steve as he tells us about “The Message of Joel: Who Will God Save?” We’ll find out through the Plague, the Penitence, and the Promises.

Joel 1-3

Suffering that Leads to Healing

Listen to Pastor Justin as he teaches us about The Pain of suffering and the Pleasure of suffering.

Mark 9:42-50


Listen as Pastor Steve explains being envious over popularity, over power and over prestige.

Mark 9:38-42


Listen as Pastor Steve explains the need,nature and object of faith.

Mark 9:14-32


Jesus Transfiguration

Listen as Pastor Steve tells us how Jesus’ transfiguration teaches us about his deity, authority and purpose.

Mark 9:2-9:13

What’s Your View of Jesus

Hear about the blindness of the disciples and the blindness of the pharisees.  Learn how physical blindness can be removed and spiritual blindness can be removed through Jesus Christ.

Mark 8:1-30

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