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The Message of Hosea

Hear the message of Hosea and learn about the Heart of the People of God. Learn about the Heart of God. Find out about God’s Pursuit of us and what our response to God’s Pursuit should be.

Hosea 1-2

The Message of Zephaniah: Judgement Day

How should we react to Judgment Day?  Listen to learn that we should:

  • Be Silent
  • Seek the Lord
  • Wait patiently
  • Worship the Lord

Zephaniah 1-3

The Message of Habakkuk: “Why, God?&^%$#”?

Listen about Habakkuk and his grumbling and complaining.  Hear the answers to the questions:

  • How long are we going to suffer?
  • Why are we going to suffer that way?

Yet, I will trust & rejoice in You.


The Message of Jonah: God’s Grace to Those Who Don’t Deserve It

Looking at Jonah, a messenger of God, struggles with judgement.  Listen about our mission to make God know those who are for off.  Learn about God’s judgement and God’s Grace


The Message of Nahum: God as Both Judge and Savior

Hear about the minor prophet, Nahum. Learn how God is Judge and Savior. Listen as Pastor Steve teaches about God’s vengeance on His enemies and God’s comfort for His people.


The Book of Micah: Honoring Authority

Hear as Pastor Justin teaches from Micah.  Learn about God’s work of redemption in History and God’s work of redemption personally.

The Message of Obadiah: Pride Comes before the Fall

Pastor Steve continues with the Minor Prophets in the book of Obadiah.  Learn how pride comes before the fall.


The Message of Amos: The Lion Roars

Listen to the message of Amos, where the Lion Roars against sinful Nations (Amos 1-2);  Hear how the Lion Roars against God’s People (Amos 3-9:10). Learn that the Lion Promises Restoration (Amos 9:11-15)


The Message of Joel: Who Will God Save?

Listen to Pastor Steve as he tells us about “The Message of Joel: Who Will God Save?” We’ll find out through the Plague, the Penitence, and the Promises.

Joel 1-3

Suffering that Leads to Healing

Listen to Pastor Justin as he teaches us about The Pain of suffering and the Pleasure of suffering.

Mark 9:42-50

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