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The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

Steve begins to conclude his series which examines the Bible as a complete work with an excerpt from Revelation.  Citing three examples in Revelation, Steve describes God’s relationship with us and delivers the good news that as Christians, our story has a happy ending!

Revelation 19:1-10

By the Blood of Jesus Christ – Part 2

Steve continues his series on redemption, teaching us that God is a God of both love and anger to whom we owe a debt that we can never pay.  Knowing this, God sent His own son Jesus Christ to propitiate God and be our redeemer.

Romans 3:21-31

By the Blood of Jesus Christ – Part 1

In the whole story of Redemption, listen as we learn what we need (Redemption), from Romans 3:21-31

Justified by Faith

Pastor Steve discusses Justification from God.  Listen to learn why we need justification.   Learn how it differs from forgiveness.  And learn how you can receive that justification.

Romans 3:9-20

Good News for the Walking Dead

John Downs discusses how God rescues us, redeems us and restores us through His Grace.

Ephesians 2:1-10

No One Seeks God

1. Pastor Steve teaches on the egalitarianism or equality of sin.  God sees us all as equally capable of sin.

2. In our fallen nature the trajectory of sin points us toward ourselves and not towards God.  We seek the good things God can give us but not for God.

3. God alone has the cure for our sin, and any attempt to “fix” ourselves is only affirming that we don’t seek God.  Christians should fear God’s coming judgement but in that fear be humbled.  Only this humility will change our sinful trajectory and cure our sin.

Romans 3:9-20

The Failure of Religion

Steve Resch continues to teach about the Bible as the whole story of God.  Now in the third of four sections Steve explains the failure of religion, the terrible beauty of the law, and the need of a regenerated new heart.

The text for this sermon comes from Romans 2:1-6, 12-26


The Heart of Darkness

Listen as Pastor Steve Resch continues a series which takes a look at the whole story of the Bible. This week Steve speaks from Romans about our heart of darkness.

1. The knowledge of our God allows us to relate to Him via His Grace.

2. The Factory of our Idols prevents us from worshiping the Creator and serving Him.

Romans 1:18-15

The Power of the Gospel

Listen as Pastor Steve Resch continues a series which takes a look at the whole story of the Bible. This week Steve speaks from Romans about the form, content, and power of the Gospel.

1. The form of the Gospel is good news about what God has done for you.

2. The content of the Gospel is that God alone provides a perfect record for our past, present and future!

3. The power of the Gospel is what God has done and will do for us.

Romans 1:1-17

A Tale of Two Cities

Learn about God’s reaction to Cain’s sin and the unrepentant attitude that lead to his ruin.  Pastor Steve provides insight on the culture of death and the salvation of God in the future city of grace.

Genesis 4:10-26

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