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Hope For Tomorrow

Steve Resch shows us that there is always Hope For Tomorrow

Romans 8:18-27

The Healing Nature of Forgiveness

Steve Hielkema shows us the Healing Nature of Forgiveness
Genesis 50

How Can We Know the Way?

Learn how Jesus is the Way because He is the Truth of God and the Life of God

John 14:4-7

Thud… and glory to God

God uses the weak to confront the strong.

1 Samuel 17

Living As Adopted Children of God

Listen to the requirement for being an adopted child of God.
Learn about the benefits and privileges of being an adopted child of God.
Feel the hope of being an adopted child of God.

Romans 8:14-17

No Condemnation

Hear how, even though we struggle with sin, God no longer condemns us because:

  • God accomplished what the Law and we couldn’t through Jesus Christ
  • God gives us the Holy Spirit to continually work with us
  • God adopts us into His family

Romans 8:1-17

What’s the Matter with Me?

Listen and learn if the law is a bad thing or a killer.  Found out who will deliver us from sin.

Romans 7:7-15

Servants of God

Listen and learn if the gospel leaves us free to live in any way we choose.


Romans 6:15-7:6

How the Gospel Changes Us Morally

Hear how the Gospel gives us knowledge of our status regarding sin and learn how it gives us power over sin.

Romans 6:1-14

Why Justification Comes

Hear how Adam brought us sin and death and rejoice that Jesus brings us grace and life.


Romans 5:12-21

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