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Why Does it seem that Culture & Society are Getting Worse?

As we continue our study through Genesis, Steve Resch teaches us that the ruin of culture and society comes from refusing to repent, building a culture without following God, and making a name for ourselves. In order to build and create a healthy culture and society we need to give glory and honor to God.

Genesis 4:10-26

Why do People Hate & Hurt Each Other?

Hear about the Potency of Sin and the Subtlety of Sin.  Then learn how to have Victory Over Sin.

Genesis 4:1-10

Why Do People Make Mistakes?

Why do people make mistakes?  Is it:

  • The attitude of the heart?
  • A thought from the mind?
  • An act of the will?
  • The call?

Genesis 3:1-9  

Why Do We Work & Rest?

As we continue Answering the Big “Why?” Questions, learn about the

  • Assumptions about Work
  • Purpose of Work
  • Burden of Work
  • Provision for Work

Genesis 2:2-17

Why am I significant?

As we continue our study of Genesis, Steve Resch teaches us why we are significant in God’s creation.

Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 2:18-25


Why did God create the world? Part 2

Hear about the Hierarchy of Things, the Unity of Things, and the Goodness of Things.

Genesis 1-2:3

Loving God

As we continue with our Summer Psalms, Psalm 116 tells us to love God and continually call on His name because He hears us and He delivers us.

The power of perspective

As we continue in the Summer Psalms, hear Pastor Steve speak on Psalm 73, which tells us that we will experience doubt once in a while. When we question whether or not God is just, we need to focus on God to gain the proper perspective because intimacy with the Almighty transcends all earthly power.

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