Gospel Transformation, Part 2

Blueprint: God’s Design for the Church

Gospel Transformation, Part 2

I Timothy 1:12-20

  1. The Gospel transforms us into a life of praise.
    • Jesus appoints the unqualified.
    • Jesus shows mercy to the ignorant.
    • Jesus saves the unworthy.
    • Jesus shows patience to the unrepentant.
  2. The Gospel transforms us to hold onto faith.

The Mission of God. Part 1

God is on a mission to make himself known to his people. By living within creation, God’s people make God’s mission known. As God’s image bearers, we are called to remove ourselves from sin. God doesn’t let sin get the last word but He saves his children from their sin through Jesus Christ.

  1. God makes his presence known through his image bearers
  2. God removes his presence from sin but remains on mission
  3. God promises his presence again

Genesis 1:26-28

Genesis 3:14-19

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