Psalms: Life as Worship


Psalms 2 & 3

How does prayer create the possibility of rest?

  • Engaging us in a Conflict
    • How can a “War Song” allow us to sleep?
    • What does prayer have to do with fighting?
  • Involving us in a Conversation
    • How can David say that God answered him?
    • How are the promises of prayer fulfilled?

Prayer and Worship

Blueprint: God’s Design for the Church

Prayer and Worship

I Timothy 2:1-15

  1. Men & Women of Prayer (2:1-7)
    • Everyone: Pray for all especially authorities, pursue a peaceful & quiet life.
  2. Men in Worship (2:8)
    • Men: Avoid divisiveness, pursue holiness & prayer.
  3. Women in Worship (2:9-15)
    • Women: Avoid distraction, pursue modesty & good works.

A Journey to Intercede

Abraham: A Journey of Faith

“A Journey to Intercede”

Genesis 18:16-30

As the people of God, we are called to intercede on the behalf of others. Hear as Justin extols us to intercede for others.

  1. Abraham‘s Call
  2. Abraham’s Descendants‘ Call
  3. Abraham’s Greatest Descendant‘s Call