Living and Dying Happily

Listen about how things work together for the purposes of God.  Be thankful as we learn about living and dying happily. Philippians 4:4-9 Play in new windowSubscribe...

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Seek His Face

As we learn about God’s Redeeming Love, listen about The exposure of corruption The extent of correction The effort of restoration Hosea 4 Play in new...

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Glory Exchanged

Listen about God’s Redeeming Love. Learn how we have exchanged Faithfulness and love  for sexual impurity. Hear about what happens when worship (acknowledgement) of God is exchanged for spiritual idolatry.

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A Pursuing Love

Listen and learn about God’s Redeeming Love in the book of Hosea.  Chapter 3 shows us the following: A Pursuing Love is humbling A Pursuing Love is costly A Pursuing

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