Fellowship: People to Live With

The purpose of the Church can be summed up with the mnemonic, WIFE.

W – Worship

I – Instruction

F – Fellowship

E – Evangelism

We are now adopted into the family of God. We can now join in “One-another-ing” each other.

How to One-Another:

  • How to be Friends
    • Affirm one another’s strengths, abilities, and gifts
    • Affirm one another’s equal importance in Christ
    • Affirm one another through visible affection
  • How to be Family
    • Share one another’s space, goods, and time
    • Share one another’s needs and problems
    • Share one another’s beliefs, thinking, and spirituality.
  • How to be Servants
    • Serve one another through accountability
    • Serve one another through forgiveness and reconciliation
    • Serve one another’s interests rather than our own.

“Your Kingdom Come”

The Lords’ Prayer: Praying and Living As Our Savior Taught Us

“Your Kingdom Come”

Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-13; Luke 3:21-22; Luke 4:42–43; Luke 5:16; Luke 6:12-13; Luke 9:18

What is the true purpose of prayer? Are our hands clenched, grasping for power and peace, or open, reaching for the presence of our Heavenly Father?

  • The purpose of prayer.
  • The posture of prayer.

Sacrifice, Part 1

Leviticus: Finding a Home with God

Sacrifice, Part 1

Leviticus 1:1-9

Join Jon as we approach God, though His word of sacrifice. Although, we will not be slaughtering any animals as the people of Israel did during the time passage.

  • What is the goal of these sacrifices?
  • How is this goal accomplished in our lives?

The Word vs. the Wow

The Gospel Movement: The Acts of the Apostles

The Word vs. the Wow

Acts 8:4-40

What happens when the sensationalism of the world’s “WOW” confronts the grace of the Word of God? Listen as Steve guides us through a passage in Acts that mixes a magician, a magistrate, a minister, and the message.

The Gospel Part II

Acts: The Gospel Movement

The Gospel Part II

Acts 1:1-11

The problem of absence – At the center of our faith is Jesus, but we cannot physically see, hear, or touch Him. The struggle is real, and the book of Acts starts with Jesus leaving His disciples. What do we do with the absence of Jesus?

  • The meaning of His absence.
  • The result of His absence.

Drama Queen Spirituality

Drama Queen Spirituality

Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18

We all desire to be noticed. We seek to be praised for our accomplishments and celebrated for our works. Jesus addresses, not our practices, but how and why we worship. Listen as Jon guide us through Jesus’ words to all of us actors and hypocrites.

  • Jesus talks about reward.
    • The reward from people.
    • The reward of Him.
  • Jesus talks about relationship.
    • A relationship with an audience.
    • A relationship with The Father.