Wherever Christianity exists, singing exists! Yet, why do we sing songs of joy and gratitude in the midst of our fears and grief? This week Exodus 14-15 shows us how our song is like Israel’s song and how it points ahead to the salvation that is ours.

Exodus 14:10-20; Exodus 15:11-18

Pharaoh goes to school

Have you ever wondered who cares? Is God indifferent to us? The plagues in Exodus, show us how God responds to those questions. In his judgement, God says both no and yes. Listen as Pastor Jonathan expounds upon God’s response and how it relates to our lives today.

Exodus 7:1-13

Exodus 10:21-29

The infant revolution

This week begins a new sermon series on Exodus but why does the story in this book matter? Join us this week as we learn how this story describes our situation how it and we are interwoven into the story of God and the work He is doing and has been doing throughout history.

Exodus 1

Instructions: Principles to Live By

The purpose of the Church can be summed up with the mnemonic, WIFE.

W – Worship

I – Instruction

F – Fellowship

E – Evangelism

In this second week of learning about the purpose of the Church, we focus on instruction within the Church. Who do you believe is telling the truth? Whose voice do you believe? Whose voice did the early Church listen to and believe in?