The Temple

As a tangent to the “Leviticus – Finding home with God” series, Pastor Todd Naille “pinch hits” and takes a look at Solomon and the building of the temple.  We look at what this meant for Israel, what it means about God’s character and what it means for how we live and treat Others.


1 Kings 8

Singing and Dancing to Gospel Music

Making music more meaningful requires adding interpretation to show what is the story behind the music. Over the years, Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church has embraced the Gospel Music and moved from simple choreography to a beautiful dance, assembling a “mixtape” of our favorite Gospel tunes.


Drama Queen Spirituality

Drama Queen Spirituality

Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18

We all desire to be noticed. We seek to be praised for our accomplishments and celebrated for our works. Jesus addresses, not our practices, but how and why we worship. Listen as Jon guide us through Jesus’ words to all of us actors and hypocrites.

  • Jesus talks about reward.
    • The reward from people.
    • The reward of Him.
  • Jesus talks about relationship.
    • A relationship with an audience.
    • A relationship with The Father.