Christ in the Passover

Christ in the Passover

On Thursday, March 24, 7:00 PM, you’re invited to a very unique service.  We will experience together an abbreviated Jewish Passover Seder connecting the Israelites exodus from Egypt and mankind’s exodus from the bondage of sin through Jesus Christ.  This is a family event for all ages.

Palm Sunday Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Poster

Children ages 0-12 are invited to join us for an Easter Egg Hunt following the Palm Sunday Brunch (3/20).  Bring your baskets or bags for collecting eggs and a coat if it’s cool outside.  Youth friends, the littlest hunters would love to have your help, so Mom and Dad can take pictures.  See Sophia or Nichole if you can help with kiddos, stuff/hide eggs or if you have questions about this super fun event.

Palm Sunday Anniversary Brunch


After the worship service on March 20th, we’ll be celebrating our 19th anniversary with food and fellowship! The theme is a breakfast brunch and everyone is encouraged to attend. Please bring something to share that fits in the breakfast brunch category (examples include breakfast casseroles, danishes, donuts, coffee cakes, fruit platters etc.) WCPC will provide beverages.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Walnut Creek starts a new sermon series this Sunday:  What Did Jesus Come to Do?

Super Bowl Party

Come on over to WCPC Cafe next Sunday at 6:00 pm to enjoy the game, commercials, and conversation.  Please bring food and drink to share.

Christmas Craft Morning

Christmas Craft Morning will be Saturday, December 5 from 10AM to noon at the church. Kids and women are welcome (guys, you know you want to join us, so come on over) for a morning of crafting and snacking. This was a HUGE hit last year; we’re looking forward to seeing you there

Women’s Sunday Stroll

Ladies, save the date! Instead of our planned Shopping Outing, we will be going for a relaxing Sunday stroll. Come and join us as we fellowship together and enjoy God’s wonderful creation. We will be meeting Sunday, November 15. More information in the newsletter.

Annual Fall Bread Bowl Lunch

We are once again preparing for our Annual Fall Bread Bowl Lunch. On November 1st, bring your favorite hearty soup or chili, we’ll supply the bread bowls and dessert. We’ll all eat together after the worship service

The Message of Haggai: Starting Over

God speaks to His people encouraging them to rebuild His temple and promising His peace to His people.

  1. God calls to build the Temple (1:1-15)
  2. God encourages the discouraged (2:1-9)
  3. God will bless the builders as they rebuild (2:10-19)
  4. God will build his kingdom (2:20-23)

Haggai 1-2