Memorials of God’s Faithfulness

Palm Sunday 2018 – WCPC’s 21st Anniversary

“Memorial of God’s Faithfulness”

Joshua 4

Our confidence in God’s present and future reliability is grounded in His past faithfulness. History = “His-story”

  1. Memorial Stones remind us of God’s faithfulness.
  2. Memorial Stones teach our children of God’s faithfulness.
  3. Memorial Stones testify to the world God’s Faithfulness.

WCPC recalls what God has done in and for us.

  1. Spotlight Calling
  2. Year of Suffering
  3. Gospel Transformation
  4. Installed Elders
  5. Severe Discipline Case (leading to Great Revival)
  6. Dr. Oliver Collins
  7. Built the Building
  8. Church Planting
  9. Jonathan Robson
  10. Parakaleo
  11. Journey Groups
  12. Story Presbyterian Church

Addition thoughts:

  1. God considers you one of his memorial stones.
  2. The cross and the stone moved from the tomb are God’s memorials to us.

Foundational Truths

Celebrate Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church’s 17th Anniversary with these Foundational truths:

Truth #1: Romans 1:16-17 The Gospel

Truth #2: 1 Timothy 1:15-16 Jesus came into the world to save Sinners

Truth #3: Exodus 20:1-2 What God has done: rescued us from slavery

Truth #4: Romans 8:1 There is no condemnation for those in in Christ Jesus

Truth #5: Romans 8:14-15 We are adopted for life by God as first born heirs

Truth #6: Galatians 5:6 Faith expressing itself through LOVE is the only thing that counts

Truth #7: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 We are Perfected in Weakness

Truth #8: 2 Thessalonians 2:8 Christianity is about comunity

The Gospel

Walnut Creek’s Gospelicious Playlist

A review of the themes and messages that have kept Walnut Creek gospelicious throughout the past 16 years.

Come, Grow, and Go.

Cheer up! You’re worse than you think.

This is a church were you can say, “I’m struggling”.

I now resign as ruler of the universe.

We are declared righteous by faith.

Expressing our faith in Jesus Christ through love.