The Innocent Punished for the Guilty

In Mark 14:53-15:5, Jesus told his disciples that the Son of man must suffer at the hands of His enemies.  Listen to learn

  • Jesus gets the punishment that Judges deserves
  • Jesus gets the punishment that Peter deserves
  • Jesus gets the punishment that Barabbas deserves
  • Jesus gets the punishment that we deserves

Thrown Under the Bus by Friends

Pastor Steve teaches from Mark 14:27-52.  Learn about the following:

  • Did Jesus expect his friends to deny him?
  • Did Jesus expect his friends to fall asleep on him?
  • Did Jesus expect his friends to betray and abandon him?

Jesus did not love his friends any less,  He was not and is not surprised by their and our sins. He even forgives us our sins.


Prelude to the Passover

Is there a limit to what we are willing to give to Jesus? Mary’s costly gift of love is contrasted with Judas’ betrayal. Mary trades social and economic status for the love and surety found in Jesus Christ. She follows Jesus, not for what she can get, but for who He is and what he has done for her. Are we willing to give costly or are we hedging our bets?

  1. A demonstration of love (costly)
  2. A demonstration of betrayal (profitable)
  3. A demonstration of deliverance

Mark 14:1-26

I will return

The Gospel of Mark answers the questions: Who is this man and what did Jesus come to do?

Jesus will return to both judge and renew the world. God is in control and Jesus wins. Jesus will return in great clouds of glory to fill the earth with God’s presence. On the great and terrible day of the Lord, God will judge the nations and gather His elect to Himself. Be prepared and stay alert for only the Father knows the day and hour of the second coming.

  1. He will return personally and visibly (v. 26)
  2. He will return triumphantly (v. 26)
  3. He will return redemptively (v. 24-25)
  4. He will return justly (v. 27)
  5. He will return unexpectedly (v. 32)

Mark 13