Walnut Creek is not a church ‘with’ small groups;  we are a church ‘of’ small groups.  Growth Groups are primarily fellowship gatherings in people’s home during the week in order to provide a place for discussion, encouragement, love and support.  It is also a place where we have the opportunity to pray with and for one another. We encourage everyone to get connected to one another with the following opportunities, listed below.

You’re welcome to each of the different groups until you find one that fits you.

Courlas Growth Group
Time: 2nd and 4th Sundays, 5 PM
Where: Medwin Place, Gahanna
What: Renaissance, The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times by Os Guinness
Contact: Tim Courlas


Geary Growth Group
Time: Sunday Evenings, 6:30 PM 
Where: Whirlaway Circle, Gahanna
What: Book of Hebrews
Contact: Matt Geary

Lay Growth Group
Time: Last Sunday of the month, 6 PM
Where: Maynard Place, New Albany
What: Tim Keller Study
Contact: Bill Lay


Reynoldsburg Growth Group
Time: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sunday of month, 5:30-8:30 PM
Where: Jayhawk St, Blacklick
What: Sermons in Review: Responding to Sunday’s Message
Contact: Scott Morris