Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2019

Hosted by Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church (WCPC)



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Recordings of Abby’s teachings will be available until January 31, 2020.

*Due to technical difficulties during Abby’s talk, entitled Jesus seeks us in our pain, we are posting a prerecorded version.


Speaker: Abby Hutto

Topic:Encountering Jesus: God’s heart revealed through the love of the Son

When: November 1 & 2

Description: When you’ve been discouraged in this life, have you ever asked yourself if God is really good? When faced with dissapointed hopes and unmet longings, have you doubted that he might be good to you? Even if we know the right answer to these questions in our heads, our hearts might struggle to truly grasp both God’s immeasurable power and his incredible goodness towards those who believe. We often misjudge the character of our Heavenly Father, especially in moments of darkness. God knows that we struggle to understand him so he sent us his Son, so that we could come to know God as he truly is. Together we will look at three women in difficult circumstances. We will see how Jesus lovingly enters into their hard situations and reveals the heart of his Father to each woman (and to us). We will end by looking at how we are called to respond to such a beautiful Savior who reveals to us the heart of a good, good Father. He proves that God is for us!

About Abby Hutto:

Abby Hutto is the Director of Spiritual Formation at Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio. She also works for Parakaleo, a ministry that comes alongside women in ministry, as a group leader and trainer. Abby loves to study and teach God’s Word and delights in helping others experience and know their Heavenly Father better. Abby is married to Ken, and they have two children, Hannah (14) and Harry (13). They live in Westerville, Ohio. Abby’s book, God for Us: Discovering the Heart of the Father through the Life of the Son, was published in February 2019 by P&R Publishing. You can connect with Abby at

Abby’s Book:

Abby Hutto’s book, God for Us, is available for purchase.


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If you have any questions, please contact the WCPC Women’s Retreat Team.