Women’s Retreats



Previous Retreats

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2022

November 4 & 5

Speaker: Tami Resch

Topic: Knitted together in Christ

Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2019

November 1 & 2

Speaker: Abby Hutto

Topic: Encountering Jesus: God’s heart revealed through the love of the Son

Description: Looking at how we are called to respond to a beautiful Savior who reveals to us the heart of a good, good Father and in doing so, proves that God is for us!

Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2018

November 9 & 10

Speaker: Courtney Doctor

Topic: ONE (John 17)

Description: What is means to be one with Jesus Christ and how that shapes our relationships with God and others.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2017

November 3 & 4

Topic: Beautiful Name

Description: Discovering the beauty of our stories in the beautiful name of Jesus.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2016

September 24

Topic: Forgiveness

Description: A compassionate exploration of what forgiveness is and is not.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2015

November 6 & 7

Topic: A Love for All Seasons

Description: Experiencing God’s love in all seasons of life.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2014

November 15

Topic: Forgiveness

Description: Receiving and giving the gift of forgiveness.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2013

November 8 & 9

Topic: Hope (Hebrews 6:19)

Description: Hope as fundamental to our Faith in Jesus Christ.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2012

September 29

Topic: Following God (John 21)

Description: Following God through the difficulties and hardships of life.



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