Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2020

Hosted by Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church (WCPC)



Registration will open in the fall for Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2020.



Please check back at the end of summer for more information on the speaker, topic, and when the retreat will be held. Thank you!


Previous Retreats

Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2019

November 1 & 2

Speaker: Abby Hutto

Topic: Encountering Jesus: God’s heart revealed through the love of the Son

Description: Looking at how we are called to respond to a beautiful Savior who reveals to us the heart of a good, good Father and in doing so, proves that God is for us!

Columbus Metro Women’s Retreat 2018

November 9 & 10

Speaker: Courtney Doctor

Topic: ONE (John 17)

Description: What is means to be one with Jesus Christ and how that shapes our relationships with God and others.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2017

November 3 & 4

Topic: Beautiful Name

Description: Discovering the beauty of our stories in the beautiful name of Jesus.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2016

September 24

Topic: Forgiveness

Description: A compassionate exploration of what forgiveness is and is not.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2015

November 6 & 7

Topic: A Love for All Seasons

Description: Experiencing God’s love in all seasons of life.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2014

November 15

Topic: Forgiveness

Description: Receiving and giving the gift of forgiveness.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2013

November 8 & 9

Topic: Hope (Hebrews 6:19)

Description: Hope as fundamental to our Faith in Jesus Christ.

WCPC Women’s Retreat 2012

September 29

Topic: Following God (John 21)

Description: Following God through the difficulties and hardships of life.



If you have any questions, please contact the WCPC Women’s Retreat Team.