The Crucified Christ

“To be a follower of the Crucified Christ means, sooner or later, a personal encounter with the cross. And the cross always entails loss.”
~ Elisabeth Elliot


“You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving.”
~ Amy Carmichael

Pharaoh goes to school

Have you ever wondered who cares? Is God indifferent to us? The plagues in Exodus, show us how God responds to those questions. In his judgement, God says both no and yes. Listen as Pastor Jonathan expounds upon God’s response and how it relates to our lives today.

Exodus 7:1-13

Exodus 10:21-29


“For almost twenty years and I still feel the old clinging dirt of wanting to deal with God that I may contribute something, so that He will have to give me His grace in exchange for my holiness. And still I cannot get into my head that I should surrender myself completely to sheer grace.” 
~ Martin Luther


“We must repent, and we must believe. Although it is necessary to discuss these as separate concepts, we must not think that repentance is ever divorced from faith or that faith is ever divorced from repentance. True faith is permeated with repentance, and true repentance is permeated with faith.”
~ Albert Martin


“By forgiving, we do become Christ to others. By bearing in our bodies the weight of unjust accusation, undeserved pain, and unretaliated harm, we are the Holy Spirit’s message of Jesus to others. By the practice of forgiveness, we have the privilege of being a living witness to the One we most love, and who has loved us eternally and sacrificially.”
~ Bryan Chapell

Growth Groups

Walnut Creek is not a church ‘with’ small groups;  we are a church ‘of’ small groups.  Growth Groups are primarily fellowship gatherings in people’s home during the week in order to provide a place for discussion, encouragement, love and support.  It is also a place where we have the opportunity to pray with and for one another. We encourage everyone to get connected to one another.  Visit our Growth Group page to find one that suits your needs.