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What’s In a Name?

Loving God and Loving Others: Ten Practical Precepts

What’s In a Name?

Exodus 20:7; Philippians 2:1-11

What is God like? How does God introduce Himself? What does it look like to get to know God? How does God relate to us?

God makes Himself known to us and takes His name and this relationship very seriously. So, how to we love God by having a correct view of His name and treating it correctly?

Who’s In

Anticipating the Final Advent

Who’s In

Revelation 22

In the center of God’s new city, with all of its beautiful splendor, there is a garden. It is an incredible picture of a majestic place that doesn’t look similar to what we know an experience daily. Don’t look to return this picture, because it isn’t of someone else’s family holiday. Listen as Jonathan invites us to view this picture, and see how we are accepted into the family that lives there.