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Memorials of God’s Faithfulness

Palm Sunday 2018 – WCPC’s 21st Anniversary

“Memorial of God’s Faithfulness”

Joshua 4

Our confidence in God’s present and future reliability is grounded in His past faithfulness. History = “His-story”

  1. Memorial Stones remind us of God’s faithfulness.
  2. Memorial Stones teach our children of God’s faithfulness.
  3. Memorial Stones testify to the world God’s Faithfulness.

WCPC recalls what God has done in and for us.

  1. Spotlight Calling
  2. Year of Suffering
  3. Gospel Transformation
  4. Installed Elders
  5. Severe Discipline Case (leading to Great Revival)
  6. Dr. Oliver Collins
  7. Built the Building
  8. Church Planting
  9. Jonathan Robson
  10. Parakaleo
  11. Journey Groups
  12. Story Presbyterian Church

Addition thoughts:

  1. God considers you one of his memorial stones.
  2. The cross and the stone moved from the tomb are God’s memorials to us.

Jonah: Both the Prodigal Son & Elder Brother

Jonah: God’s Call to All

Jonah: Both the Prodigal Son & Elder Brother


All are lost in sin, rebellion, and anger. Fooled by fake freedom, Jonah and the Prodigal went away from The Father. Clouded by arrogant pride, Jonah and the Elder Brother were full of wrath toward the helpless, who need the grace of The Father. Both stories end with a plea from The Father, who is full of love and mercy for all. What are you living for?

  1. How is Jonah like the Prodigal Son? (Am I free enough?)
  2. How is Jonah like the Elder Son? (Am I good enough?)
  3. How are We like Jonah, the Prodigal, and the Elder Son?

Upside Down Repentance

Jonah: God’s Call to All

Upside Down Repentance

Jonah 3:1:10

God mercifully pursues Nineveh through a poor message and a reluctant prophet. The people of Nineveh repent and God relents. His message is the same for the people of God as it was for the unbelievers: If you repent, He will relent.”