Upside Down Repentance

Jonah: God’s Call to All

Upside Down Repentance

Jonah 3:1:10

God mercifully pursues Nineveh through a poor message and a reluctant prophet. The people of Nineveh repent and God relents. His message is the same for the people of God as it was for the unbelievers: If you repent, He will relent.”


A Journey to Intercede

Abraham: A Journey of Faith

“A Journey to Intercede”

Genesis 18:16-30

As the people of God, we are called to intercede on the behalf of others. Hear as Justin extols us to intercede for others.

  1. Abraham‘s Call
  2. Abraham’s Descendants‘ Call
  3. Abraham’s Greatest Descendant‘s Call

A Journey to Real Security

Abraham: A Journey of Faith

“A Journey to Real Security”

Genesis 11:27-12:9

Hear about the continuing line of hope as it passes to Abram/Abraham and how God revives hope by calling him.

  1. The Power of God’s Call
  2. The Radical Nature of God’s Call
  3. How to Receive God’s Call