Discipline Leads to Maturity

The Life of Joseph: Pain & Providence

Discipline Leads to Maturity

Genesis 42:1-17; 45:1-9; Hebrews 12:5-11

God chooses to disciple Joseph to be the Good Father that Jacob wasn’t. The hardship and suffering He gives, provides training to make His sons more like Jesus Christ.

  1. God’s means of discipline.
  2. God’s method of discipline.
  3. God’s motivation of discipline.

Prelude to the Passover

Is there a limit to what we are willing to give to Jesus? Mary’s costly gift of love is contrasted with Judas’ betrayal. Mary trades social and economic status for the love and surety found in Jesus Christ. She follows Jesus, not for what she can get, but for who He is and what he has done for her. Are we willing to give costly or are we hedging our bets?

  1. A demonstration of love (costly)
  2. A demonstration of betrayal (profitable)
  3. A demonstration of deliverance

Mark 14:1-26

Equipped by Christ

As we meet Jesus Christ “outside the camp” we’re equipped with everything good to do God’s will and working that which is pleasing in His sight. Those good works include:

  • Keep on loving each other as brothers
  • Entertain strangers
  • Remember those who were imprisoned for the Christian faith
  • We must hold marriage in high esteem and keep our marriage vows
  • No need to be fearful and greedy
  • Obey your spiritual leaders so that their work will be a joy
  • Do not to be led away by strange and diverse teachings

Hebrews 13