The Legacy of Grace

Scandalous Grace

The Legacy of Grace

Joshua 2

We are taught from an early age, that we need to work for everything in our lives, but the favor of God cannot be earned. The church isn’t a club for the righteous, but a refuge for needy sinners.

Joins us as Steve shares a story of God’s pure grace to a enemy prostitute who would be spared, rescued, and become one of the women named in the lineage of King David.

Jesus’ Family Tree

Matthew 1:1-17

4 Questions:

  • How did it all being – Creation
  • What went wrong – Rebellion
  • How is it going be fixed – Redemption in Jesus
  • What is going to happen, in the end – Glory in heaven

3 Sections:

  • The rise to King David (14 generations)
  • The falling to the deportation to Babylon
  • The rise back to Jesus

5 Women in the family tree- all had sordid histories

1 Answer:

  • God can and does overcome sin.
  • He works through fallen people to achieve His Glory
  • He comes to save sinners and works through sinners

Jesus has come to fix your broken family tree.