Jonah: Both the Prodigal Son & Elder Brother

Jonah: God’s Call to All

Jonah: Both the Prodigal Son & Elder Brother


All are lost in sin, rebellion, and anger. Fooled by fake freedom, Jonah and the Prodigal went away from The Father. Clouded by arrogant pride, Jonah and the Elder Brother were full of wrath toward the helpless, who need the grace of The Father. Both stories end with a plea from The Father, who is full of love and mercy for all. What are you living for?

  1. How is Jonah like the Prodigal Son? (Am I free enough?)
  2. How is Jonah like the Elder Son? (Am I good enough?)
  3. How are We like Jonah, the Prodigal, and the Elder Son?

Jesus’ Family Tree

Matthew 1:1-17

4 Questions:

  • How did it all being – Creation
  • What went wrong – Rebellion
  • How is it going be fixed – Redemption in Jesus
  • What is going to happen, in the end – Glory in heaven

3 Sections:

  • The rise to King David (14 generations)
  • The falling to the deportation to Babylon
  • The rise back to Jesus

5 Women in the family tree- all had sordid histories

1 Answer:

  • God can and does overcome sin.
  • He works through fallen people to achieve His Glory
  • He comes to save sinners and works through sinners

Jesus has come to fix your broken family tree.