Worship: Power to Live on

This week we begin a new series on the purpose of the Church. The purpose of the Church can be summed up with the mnemonic, WIFE.

W – Worship

I – Instruction

F – Fellowship

E – Evangelism

Worship is central to everyone’s life. Today we learn about how we are to worship.


Psalms: Life as Worship


Psalms 2 & 3

How does prayer create the possibility of rest?

  • Engaging us in a Conflict
    • How can a “War Song” allow us to sleep?
    • What does prayer have to do with fighting?
  • Involving us in a Conversation
    • How can David say that God answered him?
    • How are the promises of prayer fulfilled?

Prayer and Worship

Blueprint: God’s Design for the Church

Prayer and Worship

I Timothy 2:1-15

  1. Men & Women of Prayer (2:1-7)
    • Everyone: Pray for all especially authorities, pursue a peaceful & quiet life.
  2. Men in Worship (2:8)
    • Men: Avoid divisiveness, pursue holiness & prayer.
  3. Women in Worship (2:9-15)
    • Women: Avoid distraction, pursue modesty & good works.